Climate Change 101:
Is Carbon Offsetting the answer to Climate Change?

Green Movie Night
A monthly movie night, showcasing varioius enivironmentally focused documentries and shorts from directors across the globe.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 
The environmental, economical, social and cultural cost of sustainable fashion.

Plan A’s Pub Quiz! How well do you know our Planet?  
A Pub Quiz fundraising event for Bun-Ca in Honduras.

28 questions, 7 rounds, 1 winning team. Oceans, Forests, Wildlife, Waste Management, Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Living & a bonus round.

Zero Waste 101, a presentation event fundraising for
Africa Foundation for Sustainable Development in Mozambique.

Cocktails for the Planet, An after work drinks event co-hosted by Ecosia
Fundraising for Watoto Vision on Africa in Rwanda.